Cryptocurrency News

Will Crypto Crash? Bitcoin Bubble Speculation Burst

Do you still compare Bitcoin to the tulip bubble? Stop! We are still in the early stages of crypto adoption, but...
Elanor Kay
4 min read

Introducing JumpNet Smart Contracts | Change

Axie Infinity has taken the world by storm. Its cute critters and clever economic gameplay have made it possible for players...
Chris Munch
2 min read

Microsoft Azure Heroes: Pioneering Enterprise Blockchain Rewards | Enjin Blog

In December 2019, Microsoft announced Azure Heroes, a new digital badge rewards program utilizing blockchain technology. The program delivered limited-edition badges...
Chris Munch
5 min read

Enjin Ecosystem Vlog, Episode Two | Enjin Blog

Enjin’s COO Caleb Applegate joined co-CTOs Witek Radomski and Lukasz Orlowski to share insights regarding the interoperable, cross-chain Paratoken Standard being...
Chris Munch
3 min read

Introducing JumpNet: Forever-free Ethereum Scaling | Enjin Blog

We are pleased to reveal new information about our upcoming scaling technology stack, which will feature 2 solutions to remove gas...
Chris Munch
4 min read

Cryptocurrency & Trading Platforms

The bitcoin sector has boomed in the previous decade or so. With news of Bitcoin becoming more widespread, you may be...
Chris Munch
7 min read